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Zmicer Prymak

My name is Zmicer Prymak. I’m a musician, bassist and songwriter from Brest, Belarus.

Music is not my main source of income, but it occupies a fair amount of time and attention in my life. As it happens, music for me is a huge world that I can travel through endlessly. Even without lyrics, it evokes emotions and conveys meanings. It is self-sufficient.

There are subjective judgments as well as facts on the blog. I try to accompany my thoughts and texts with explanations. If you have suggestions or comments, always glad to hear. Write in the comments.

My Music

Metal band Impat – bass and songwriting.

Rock band Sprat (Спрат) in belarusian – listen on YouTube. Songwriting – first album, bass and songwriting – remaining albums and singles. More details here https://zmicerbass.com/sprat

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Bass Warwick Thumb NT 5 88′ + Warwick X-treme 10.1 + cab Warwick WCA 410

Warwick Thumb NT 5 88'
Warwick Thumb NT 5 88′
Poland, 2011, Wisznice, Warwick Thumb BO 5. My previous bass.
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