Porcupine tree – song Shallow from Deadwing (2005)
The song Shallow has an interesting writing history. The rest of the Deadwing album was recorded, sent to the record company. They wrote that they couldn’
Sting BassplayerMusicians
Sting on songwriting. Art is about taking a risk
In 2021, Sting released the album The Bridge. It was autumn, I was on the road, riding the bus, looking out the window at the gray trees and clouds.
Steven Wilson. The Art of Doing Contrary
“I grew up completely obsessed with the magic of music.” — Steven Wilson Steven Wilson is one of my favorite musicians. I am very influenced
What is the best action for a bass guitar
Just in case, I’ll give you a definition. Action is the distance between the fingerboard and the strings. It is usually measured around the 12th fret.
Bass stringsGear
Bass Strings. What strings to choose for bass
I will note right away that I do not set myself the goal of making a complete guide on the selection of bass guitar strings. I’m just sharing a set
Fall Into Sleep - Mudvayne - Bass tabSongs
Fall Into Sleep – Mudvayne – bass tabs, lyrics meaning and how to play
I’ll tell you about my experience with picking and playing the bass part, as well as my general impressions of the song Fall Into Sleep from the