Pulse by Impat: lyrics, bass tab and music sheets

Listen to the song here. Helpful information below.


In the silence of empty darkness
You were still flying around me.
Like neutron stars that dance in couples,
The dust of Earth tomorrow you will be.

You’re like the wind blowing through tunnel.
Like comet’s tail melted by the sun.
Just feel the facts of truthless funnel,
Avoid the things that could never be done.

Feel the beat of seven billion hearts.
There’s no way back, if you don’t want
To live in muted space of breathless arts,
Just think about it and stop the hunt.

The time will prove – nothing else matters.
What’s done – is done. Nobody’s right.
If you don’t want to hear someone’s chatter
Always be ready to keep your rhythm of fight.


We can’t stop the flow of water
Step by step from past to dream
little things that change the order
For fast growth we need to trim

Below you can download bass music sheets and lyrics in pdf and for MuseScore.

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